Action Shot – Hitting

I have a small photography business and take a variety of types of photos. Most of my clients are Senior portraits, but have during summer softball I have been known to take well over 1,000 softball photos. I try to take photos that don’t need editing, but when I do need editing I use Photoshop as my editing tool and even sometimes Photoshop Elements. I have even used Apple’s iPhoto and also Apple’s Aperture.

This past fall I was fortunate enough to have a really good Senior Portrait order. I took my profits from that and coupled that with money I have saved and I finally purchased all of Jodi’s MCP Actions. Although it set me back almost $1,000 they have been SOOO worth it. I will have some before/after Senior photos to show you later.

Pioneer Woman’s current Photography Assignment is “Action” and like I said, I have nearly 6,000 softball photos I decided to enter a softball photo for my first “Action” photo.

Although this is a year old, but I really liked this shot. I love how you can see the blur of the softball (yellow blur) and the movement of the bat. But I decided it “needed something” to show the action “better”. So I turned to Jodi’s actions.



I used the following MCP Actions: Coloring Book, Size It Smaller 500, Apply Watermark {using a watermark I created using Create Watermark action}. Then I applied Pioneer Woman’s Quick Edge Burn action.

What do you think? Which one do you like better? Have you ever used Jodi’s MCP Actions or Pioneer Woman’s or someone else’s? I’d love to see your work. Leave a link in your comment, OK?