Blueberry Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Last summer I found Sarah’s Blueberry Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting from a blog mingle. I loved the thought of another banana bread/cake recipe, especially one that included one of my favorite fruits… blueberries. Admittedly during blueberry season I just ate fresh blueberries and never had over ripe bananas to make her recipe. 🙁

Then a few weeks ago I was reading one of her recipes and her Linked Within links had the recipe again. This time I had SIX bananas but since it is early spring here no fresh blueberries only frozen, but I thought… what the heck… let’s give it a try.

My new range has a convection oven. I’d never used one before. I have heard that you decrease the temperature, but then someone told me not to. I decided perhaps it was time for me to look in my Owner’s Manual (I know… go figure! Why the heck didn’t I think of that before?)

Well… my oven has a “Conv Convert” button on it! OK, so it’s not that great, it automatically does the math for you and I am fully capable of doing [some] math (although not advanced math like my brainiac siblings). Well, here’s how it works…

You enter the temperature as the recipe is written and then choose the options and then the “conv convert” and Voila! it computes the convection temperature. Cool, eh? Well, at least until it warms up! LOL!!! Cool until it warms up…. LOL! I crack myself up [sometimes]! 😆

OK, like I said, I could have done the math… in fact, I do, but if I had some “funky” temp I wouldn’t have to! 😉

The recipe called for lining the pan with parchment paper. I was using my Pampered Chef stoneware and didn’t expect it to stick, but I’ve never done this, but did it just in case.

Here are the cast of characters… I CHEATED though… I didn’t have any fresh blueberries so mine were defrosted frozen ones… I do NOT recommend this substitution… unless you can get the extra moisture out somehow… (you’ll see why later)

Oh… yeah… right… forgot… The Offspring reminded me that I had said that I’m never in any pictures so she grabbed my camera and and said, “MOM, SMILE!” … SNAP! UGH! (don’t like this pic… I had the hat on to keep my hair out of the cake 😉 )

… imagine there are pictures here of me mixing the ingredients per the recipe… 😉

Pour the batter into the cake pan…

After baking, lift cake out… ummmm…. something doesn’t look right… Where’d the blueberries go?

Oh Bother! They SUNK! This is the BOTTOM.

Oh well… I kept going… I let it cool completely and made the frosting. I love the frosting… it had lemon in it… Some were surprised… me, too. Bananas, blueberries and lemons… not a “normal” banana cake. Still it was good.

Mine didn’t turn out quite as good looking as Sarah’s but I had several people who loved it. 😀 Thanks, Sarah for sharing! It was yummy!!!

Mine was WAAAAAYYYYYY too moist. Any idea how to fix that — if using frozen blueberries???