Why didn’t I think of that?! Pet products


While on a date with Hubby last night we went to Marshalls again. Nope I didn’t buy any more Le Creuset, but as I walked past the pet aisle and saw these…

YEP… you guessed it… Dog and Cat Butt Wipes!

OK, I can see why one would need to wipe the butt of their beloved pet, but do they really need their very own butt wipes???!! Why didn’t I think of that?

Do you use special butt wipes for your pet?

3 comments to Why didn’t I think of that?! Pet products

  • People who buy those have way to much money and not enough common sense!

  • I liked the days when dogs lived outside, drank out of the nasty creek water, ate dead things, and wiped their own butts. Now days, dogs take medicine, sleep on beds and eat gourmet food. Some people treat their pets better than they did their kids!

    Haven’t checked on you in a while Stef:) Hope all is well!

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