Advice Needed: 2011 Garden, Part 1; what to plant

As I mentioned in my Haven’t fallen off planet post, I have been working on a Garden post. Well, actually I have been spending the last four days recuperating. I spent the last three weekends working on my garden. Since my fall back in January, my back/lumbar/tailbone has been problematic and made it difficult to do a lot of what I like to do. It has been really difficult over the last three weekends, but I have our garden planted!! 😀 I still have to do the drip system, but the plants are planted! YIPEEEE! It’s been nice that the rain hasn’t left completely, so the garden is getting some rain.

For the previous two years I grew tomatoes and a couple of cucumber plants all in containers. Let me recap…

Summer 2009

Summer 2010

This year, my friends Brent and Kate found a great deal on raised bed kits. I bought six from them for $15.00 each – retail was around $70ish each! 😀

This bed is going to be a wildflower and hummingbird/butterfly garden. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom. I used two kits for a double flower bed (8 ft x 4 ft x 8 in) and had two boards left over. (Ma and Pa, thanks for the bricks!! 🙂 )

I combined the two leftover boards with two more kits and made this larger vegetable garden (16 ft x 4 ft x 8 in).

WOW! That patio looks AWESOME! LOVE the power washer! Long process… the moss was awful!!!!! (UGH) 🙁

Here’s the view from out backdoor…

This is a year for an experiment. I want to compare container gardening vs raised beds. I also decided to expand the selection to include other produce. See two pots with the teal label “Empty, not sure what to plant”? That’s where I need your help. 😉

I’ve grown basil outside… the earwigs love it, so I’ve decided this year I want to keep it in my kitchen window. I’m not sure what I should plant… 🙁

HELP! What should I plant in those two pots?