Advice Needed: Where to start (again)

As my long-time readers know, we had an unexpected remodel last winter. The kitchen was unpacked first – we had to be able to prepare meals and eat… and Christmas was in there, too. The kitchen is 90% unpacked, but then Phase 2 and Phase 3 came along very quickly and then life picked up speed. 🙁

Needless-to-say, getting EVERYTHING unpacked hasn’t been a priority. Hubby’s car hasn’t “lived” in the garage since September because half of our oversized two-car garage still has a couch, two tables and loads of boxes in it! 🙁

Every room in the downstairs area has boxes in it! I’m embarrassed at the lack of traction… it’s driving me insane. I want to get this done and don’t know where to start. It’s like every room is dependent on another room… It’s a fricking awful cyclical nightmare!!! 😥

How do I weed through this? I am about to empty the office by moving all the boxes from there into the dining room, but I have no bookshelves or desk drawers or … UGH!

Hubby’s work schedule and mine don’t jive well so teamwork is difficult… when I come home from a long day at work… unpacking boxes isn’t a priority… I have other fun things I want to do (ex. learn how to write iPhone apps, learn how to write Mac OS X apps, use all the MCP Actions I have bought – I bought them ALL! … oh yeah… and I need to lose 90 pounds!)

“Calgon… take me away!!” Too bad I don’t take bubble baths…

HELP! How and where do I start? I know… I know… Baby Steps… but seriously… how/where do I start?