Free Stuff: Kindle App and Kindle eBooks

I recently stumbled across some free Kindle ebooks. I’ve mentioned that I use Apple’s eBook reader, but I thought “what the heck” why not take a look. So I downloaded the free Kindle app for my Mac and also the one for my iPhone (there is also one for iPad, Windows PCs, Blackberry, Android, and Windows 7 phone).

I know it seems odd for someone who doesn’t read a lot (I listen to books, remember) to get an eBook reader, but what the heck… it’s FREE and so were the books.

Since I registered my apps with my Amazon account, I now get Amazon Kindle emails. Had been ignoring them – again, not a “reader”; I’m a “listener”. Then one eBook caught my eye…

If you recall, way back in March I talked about My Favorite Love Story and how I have several copies of Pride and Prejudice, but I didn’t own Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith.

Well… Back in March Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Apple eBook was $10.39 and I believe the Kindle eBook was around $13.00. In my opinion, too much to spend on an ebook I didn’t know if I really wanted it.

Well, guess what?! Right now you can get the book for 99 cents (until July 27 over 900 Kindle books are on sale)! YEP! Over 92% off!!! I now own the Kindle version and have it on my Mac and if so inclined can easily download it to my iPhone.

Once I get the book read, I’ll let you know what I think… in my ideal world… the Kindle app would read it to me… 😉 (who knows it may, but I don’t think so – if you’re reading this… that would be really cool feature!!! 😉 )

Have you read any of the “Zombie” books?