Down and Dangerous

John T. Woods, photo used with permission
Have you ever wanted to see your name scroll across big screen at the end of a movie? Well, for as little as $25.00 your name CAN be listed in the “Special Thanks” credits for the movie Down and Dangerous.

Do you remember John T. Woods???

For those who don’t, John is my friend Phyllis’ son. He’s an actor in LA. He has starred in several television shows (NCIS, Dark Blue, 24, iCarly, The Ex List, The Forgotten and House, M.D.) and many Indie films.

John is working with filmmaker Zak Forsman of The Sabi Company on a new film Down and Dangerous.

Zak is doing a Kickstarter Campain for this project. A Kickstarter project is an all-or-nothing funding method to get community support and participation. People pledge money to help pay and support for production.

Even a $1.00 pledge helps them.

If they do not reach their goal by the deadline NO money is exchanged. They can’t and won’t start production until they get at least $30,000.

There are different levels of support and for each level you receive a set of gifts. For full details, see the Kickstarter web site. You can also watch the video at the bottom of this post.

You can be an Associate Producer for $1,000 or an Executive Producer for $5,000! Spread the word!!