Friday NOT Funny, the Hitchcock Edition

You’ve heard of “bats in the belfry”…

We had a contractor here today here fix previous worker’s mistakes… Guess what he says to me?!?! He’s standing outside and I about freak! I points up toward our roof (which was put on in Sept 2009).

Guess what we saw…

No not bats but…

… SEVERAL swallows entering my attic! Here’s where they’re entering… The idiots who did our roof two years ago added soffit vents and didn’t put in SCREENS!

While showing me they started “dive bombing” us! 🙁 There are babies in there!! 🙁 🙁

Called roofer (different contractor) and said, “Hey, you know those attic vents you put in… why the heck didn’t you put in screens!” ARGH!!!

I spoke with the receptionist and she then handed me off to someone else…

Who then had the nerve to tell me… “We’ll be happy to come and take a look at it and fix it, but it will be our standard repair fee.”

To which I replied, “Like hell it will be. YOU cut the new soffit vents. YOU didn’t put in the screens. I will NOT be paying for YOUR mistake. If you don’t fix this mess I will be contacting the state contractor board and the Better Business Bureau.”

She then replied, “May I put you on hold for a minute?”

Me, “Yes.”

…. wait … wait … wait…

On the phone, “This is Shelly, how may I help you?”

Me, angrier now, repeating everything I said to lady number one and lady number two.

Shelly, “Let me take your information and I will pull up our records on the work that was done and I will get bak to you.”

I replied, “I have all my records on the work YOU did.”

Shelly, “That is good, but I am sure that we have them. May I have your number and I will call you back?”

I gave her my number…

Still haven’t heard back – it’s been over 7 hours! ARGH!

Well… all is not lost… Thanks to Emily’s The Happy Home blog. Last month she posted The Waffletini: A Mrs. Butterworth’s Cocktail Friday

I didn’t have any syrup, and still don’t, so I called a neighbor and borrowed some from her… YUMMMMM!!!

You have to try it! Stop by Emily’s blog and tell her I sent you. 😉 While you do that… I’m going to have another! 😉