Garden 2011 Update: 4 Weeks Growth and 2nd Harvest

I had my second harvest yesterday…

I bought Ed Hume radish seeds and chose the Sparkler and Champion radishes. They are SOOOO easy to grow. WOW! It’s been four weeks since I planted my radishes and look at these beauties!

Aren’t they beautiful?!

Since I planted them for Hubby I gave most of them to him, but kept four for my lunch today… coupled with homegrown lettuce… YUM!!!

I need to buy more seeds so I can get another crop going.

Now, I just need my tomatoes to ripen and I’ll be set … I don’t plan on making cheese, but fresh veggies… Oh yeah!

Do you like radishes? What about “REAL” fresh salad?

1 comment to Garden 2011 Update: 4 Weeks Growth and 2nd Harvest

  • Ma

    If some radishes are missing from your garden, it was probably Rosie. You have a beautiful crop, you are just the sweetest little farm girl!

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