Garden 2011 Update; First Harvest

Remember my Green Leaf Lettuce picture from yesterday’s post?

I’ve had my first harvest!!

It was YUMMY! I think I should have planted MORE lettuce! I wonder if I can still get plants???? I can’t wait for my tomatoes to get orange and red so I can have them in my salad.

Have you harvested any veggies yet?

1 comment to Garden 2011 Update; First Harvest

  • mjbw

    TWO cherry tomatoes – gave one to the man who bought the plant for me, and gave the other one to the other man who planted it for me – ‘cuz I’m just so dog-gone generous.

    Then they brought me 1/2 C of those fancy gold new potatoes… apparently the full potato harvest for the hidden garden spot. I asked if they were button mushrooms…

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