Happy Friday, the Cocktails and Adele version

When I went to bed last night, I had planned on doing a post about a drink I read about on Emily’s The Happy Home blog. Her post for today is Cocktail Friday: The Toasted Almond. It sounds so yummy… I plan on trying it tonight. Stop by Emily’s blog and tell her I sent you. 😉

This morning didn’t start out too great – Hubby and I have different vacation days scheduled and now we have to figure out how we’re going to adjust our plant… it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!

But the day quickly got better …

Adele is one of The Offspring’s and my favorite singers. She is AMAZING!

After a constant “no inventory available” actually managed to get two tickets to see Adele’s rescheduled concert! Happy EARLY birthday, Offspring!!! 😀

What a freaky thing though… we were supposed to be on vacation on the new date so I hadn’t looked at tickets. Found out this morning that we will be here so went to check for tickets and they had gone on sale at 10:00AM our time. It was 10:15AM… As I just said, it read “no inventory available”. I kept hitting refreshing saying… it can’t be sold out already it’s an open amphitheater! I even tried calling… BUSY BUSY BUSY! The Offspring said, try one more time (refresh)… She is BRILLIANT! I hit refresh and GOT IN!! 😀

If you’re unfamiliar with Adele, please take some time and watch these videos… You’ll fall in love with her!

Soooo glad she’s stopped smoking since this one was filmed!

Have you heard of Adele before now? If so, isn’t she the greatest? If not, did you like the songs?
Happy Friday!