Helping a Friend in Need, Part 1

I have a couple of friends (Kendra and Brandon) who have a lot going on in their lives right now and I wish I could do more for them.

Three weeks ago I stopped by to see Kendra, Brandon and their kiddos Ashley (6 years old) and Devon (4 years old). The kiddos they seem to REALLY REALLY like me and love it when I stop by – except when they’ve been naughty.

Well, Kendra and Brandon were trying to have a garage sale and Devon was just not listening to his mom and dad. Just for grins I looked at him and said, “Devon, I think you need to go sit on your naughty chair. You’re not listening… let’s go…” He actually followed me and Kendra and Brandon just watched in amazement. Devon went in and sat on his chair and just looked at me. I told him that I wanted him to sit there and that I would be back. I went out to the garage and Kendra and Brandon asked me if he did it. I said, “Yep.”

I went back inside and Devon wasn’t in his chair. I said, “Devon Robert why aren’t you in your chair?” Guess what his rely was…

“I need to throw up!” he replied.

I looked at Kendra and Brandon and repeated what he said. Brandon said, “He’s been saying that all day. He doesn’t need to throw up.”

I then said to Devon, “Devon, you’re not going to throw up. Stop playing in the bathroom, turn out the light and sit back in your chair.” He stood there and looked at me. I didn’t budge… he moped back to his chair and just looked at me. I said, “Thank you.”

I walked back out to the garage and looked at Brandon. He said, “Did he do it.” To which I replied, “Yep.”

Every 30 seconds I would quickly open the door – trying to catch him getting up … but NOPE he stayed put. After I’d done it a few times, I suggested to Brandon that he do it. He did and he asked Devon why he was in the chair. Devon’s reply… “Stephanie told me to.” I cracked up (I was standing by the door and Devon couldn’t see me). Kendra cracked up, too.

Ashley had gone inside and I told both her and Devon I wanted to talk with them. I told them that their mommy was going through a difficult time and was sad and she needs them to be good. I told them that I expected them to behave and do as their mommy and daddy asked. I explained that I would be asking their parents if they were behaving and if they weren’t I would be back to put them in the naughty chair. They agreed.

Anyway, I got a text a few days later and both kiddos were really acting up and I suggested Kendra ask them if she should call me. They stopped immediately and said, “NO!” Ashley was the most nervous – she doesn’t go the naughty chair as much as Devon and she didn’t want to go there! LOL!! 😆

When I got home, I told Hubby and The Offspring what I’d done. They both got onto me for doing it. I told them that Kendra and Brandon loved it and think it is hilarious that all they have to do is mention calling me and the kiddos straighten up. LOL!

You may not agree with what I did, but Kendra and Brandon are loving it… so I’m happy because they’re happy!

But wait … guess what happened yesterday…

… To be continued… (sorry… I don’t want to spoil the surprise)