Beautiful Blue Skies

The Oregon skies are just beautiful today! These pictures are SOOC (straight out of camera; except for the annotations). I used my iPhone 3GS for these, so they’re not the greatest, but I sure love how pretty the sky is today and just had to share.

I took this one just as I was walking into work this morning… Can you see the moon?

The next two were while I was on an after-lunch walk with my friend Dude…

Ahhhhhh…. serenity… I absolutely love blue skies!!!

I need to have these as my desktop in two months… when the dark and dreary grey skies are back!

What are your skies like today?

2 comments to Beautiful Blue Skies

  • mjbw

    My dad ALWAYS spoke of clear, blue skies.

    Being from Oklahoma, he grew up with them (except when the skies had funnels:-).

    In his last years he loved to point out the full moon in the clear blue sky – much as you did without the graphics – - even if it was the reflection of the lamp over the sink in their room at the care center.

    I love the pleasure it gave him and just agreed to the lovely moon.

  • Almost white blue and pretty cloudless

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