Home Sick

We had a visitor yesterday. Ma and Pa (our neighbors) were having a going away party and they needed someone to watch Rosie. So of course we said, “Yes.” 🙂

Well, as you can see… Rosie was a bit “home sick”… or at least wasn’t too keen on missing the party…

After a while, she gave up (for a few minutes) and pouted on the couch…

Boy, she was sure happy when it was time to go home… the party was still sort of going on…

Sure hope she comes back for a visit again!

2 comments to Home Sick

  • mjbw

    I feel her pain! She is a beautiful animal and a true companion.

  • Ma

    We can never thank you enough, it broke my heart to not let her be here, but you know what a little pill she can be and WAS when we brought her home. I had to scold her very strongly twice while guests (adults) were still here. I’m finally going to resurrect the training video and get to work on her manners. She’s so sweet it breaks my heart to correct her, but I will not live with a spoiled brat!

    Thank you again.

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