Advice Needed: Blog Front Page Layout

I know some people who come to my blog’s front page don’t go any further. Why??? Are you bored??? Is that why I don’t receive a lot of comments?

I’ve read on different sites about effective blogging and they say to have “excerpts” instead of “full posts”. But recently one of the blogs I read posted that she used to have full posts on her front page and has found that her readership has gone down. She posed the question asking if her readers preferred excerpts or full posts. The majority of readers wanted “full posts”. This got me thinking and I want your advice…

Do you like seven excerpts showing (like today) or would you prefer one full post followed by six excerpts? Would you be more incline to read AND COMMENT will full posts?

Also, do you like the Post Slideshow?

Other suggestions to help with readership? What can I do to not bore you so much?