Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I realize that much of our nation has had terrible temperatures for much much MUCH longer than us, so please forgive me for writing, but… this is Oregon and nearly 100s isn’t something we have very often and we wilt something fierce!

I also know that I bitch and moan during our Oregon winters about how much I hate the rain and miss the sun. Yes, it is true.

You gave us a wonderful July and August – not too hot.

Now, for some reason you’ve decided that since it’s September you’re going to force us to reach nearly 100 for many days. Ummmm… please cool the temps. Not just for us, but for our whole country.

I want to thank you for making the sun shine and no rain, but I will be much happier come Wednesday… mid-70s and sun and no humidity… PERFECT!

Oh, before I go… please don’t make the rain start until late November! 😀 I have several Senior Portraits to take with the autumn colors and the rain makes it really difficult to take outdoor photos. 😉

Thank you!