Friday Funny – The Night the Lights Went On


When we were on vacation one of the hotels we stayed in had a “rustic” or “hunting” theme. We didn’t know this when we booked a room in the only hotel in town… We also didn’t realize how many lights would be in the room. Our room was not a suite or cabin, it was just a hotel room with two queen beds… check out how many lights we had in our room…

…Oh yeah… before anyone freaks out… the decorations were “fake”…

Yep… there were TWO ceiling lights… let’s keep counting…

Yep, you counted right… NINE lights in our tiny room… and that doesn’t count the ones in the bathroom… At least they were fluorescent! The only time they were all on was when I took the photos. Otherwise it was light having the sun in our room! 😉

…Speaking of the bathroom… check out the toilet seat!

Yep, it was clear with rifle cartridges on it… At least we knew before we lifted the lid that the last person FLUSHED! LOL!! 😆

What is the most number of lights you’ve had in a single hotel room?