Salt Cellar

Since remodeling our kitchen in the “Craftsman” or “Mission” style, I look for things that give that vintage feel.

I realized that I forgot to share something with you. In the above photo, if you notice on the counter just left of the range there is a glass object. Hubby bought that for me and I LOVE IT!

It’s a salt cellar… We found it at Rejuvenation in SE Portland.

…he also bought me this cute little porcelain spoon to go inside it from Crate & Barrel… (Crate & Barrel have a salt cellar, but it is smaller than ours)

I don’t use a lot of salt, but it is so great having this right there by the stove and food-prep area. The spoon measures to about a 1/4 tsp. The spoon is perfect when you don’t want to stick your hands in the cellar, too. 😉

Do you have a salt cellar or salt pig?