Time to Vent: Arsenic in Apple Juice??

Time to VentI watch Dr. Oz’s show and in Wednesday’s show he drops a HUGE bomb… Arsenic in apple juice concentrate which exceeds water standards…


According to Dr. Oz they ran independent tests on over 36 samples, Minute Maid was the only brand that tested BELOW the EPA’s 10 parts per billion limit for water. He also stated that none of the organic juices tested had any arsenic.

Why the heck is the arensic in our juice? It’s because the concentrate pressed in countries like China and Argentina and others do not have the regulations we have here in the USA.

Also, the FDA regulates other juices, but not apple juice. What the HECK! That’s bullshit! I’m sorry, but I am soooooo flipping pissed!!!

Apple juice made from apple concentrate is not just popular in juice boxes. Often used instead of refined sugar, apple juice is used to sweeten …

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READ YOUR LABELS! Buy only juice concentrate is from the USA — make sure to read the label… evidentially there are sometimes more than one country listed on the label.

The other option… buy organic.

So… it is time to have our wallets do the talking… And write the FDA to get them to regulate apple juice!