For a REAL Person Press Nothing

I for one love technology and then again… I HATE it. I absolutely hate the never ending “Press 1 for blah, Press 2 for blah-blah, Press 3 for blah-blah-blah and so on…”

Well, after Dr. Oz’s episode on Arsenic in Apple Juice I have been even more careful in looking at the source for our produce, including store-bought applesauce.

Normally, I buy TreeTop’s Natural (no sugar added) Applesauce at Costco. I love it because it has just three ingredients: Apples, Water, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

The Offspring was sick and wanted some applesauce and Costco was closed so I went to Albertson’s and they didn’t have TreeTop. 🙁 The only kind I could find with no sugar added was Mott’s. I was really nervous since Mott’s was at toward top of Dr. Oz’s list for arsenic in apple juice. I went ahead and bought it because all the other kinds were loaded with sugar and other icky stuff.

What does this have to do with “For a REAL person press nothing”? you ask. I’m getting there… 😉

After we had some TreeTop in the house, I looked at their label. They are located in Selah, WA (outside Yakima). OK… a regional company (remember I’m in Oregon). I called their customer service number on their label to ask from where their apples come… Expecting to receive one of those stupid “automated attendant” I was prepared to wait. Well, a REAL person answered the phone in less than THREE rings! I was soooooo taken off guard I almost forgot why I called. 😉 I was even more blown away at the fact that she was in my country and not outsourced someplace overseas! Thanks, TreeTop!

I explained why I was calling and the nice lady on the phone told me that all their apples are grown in the Pacific Northwest. YIPPEEE! Not only are they from the USA they are regional! I was elated. We’re helping our economy all the way around! Now I realize that I could buy local apples and make my own applesauce (which I do sometimes), but if you’re going to buy it at the grocery store it feels GREAT to know that I’m helping our regional economy.

Now… as for Mott’s… I called their number… it took me OVER FIVE MINUTES to reach a REAL person! UGH! At least they had good news about their applesauce (unlike their apple juice). It is also grown from USA apples. This time they’re from the northeast USA.

I realize that even those people on East Coast want to help their economy… but you know a REAL person makes all the difference.

Oh yeah… I made one more phone call… I called TreeTop back. I told the super friendly lady on the phone that I was THRILLED that I got to talk with a REAL person in less than three rings and that it took over five with Mott’s. She seemed happy.

TreeTop is my #1 choice for store bought applesauce. Not just because of helping the regional economy… but because they care about customer service and have a real person answer the phone. Wanna talk to a real live customer service person and not an automated attendant? Call TreeTop at 1-800-542-4055 and tell them THANK YOU for caring about customer service!

Oh bummer… I just checked and they’re only available in the Western US… I’m sorry for those of you not in our area!!! 🙁 Still call the nice lady and tell her it is nice to talk a REAL person and BEG her to get it in your state! 😉 I do need to speak with Albertson’s and give them “a what for” and find out why they don’t carry TreeTop.

When was the last time you called customer service and got to talk to a real person… in your country!