Friday Funny – Best Yoga Zombie

I have mentioned my friend and co-worker Dude. Dude is really into yoga. Dude is really into dressing up for Halloween. Dude is really into zombies. Dude is a little nuts.

We had a Halloween contest at work and I bet you can guess Dudeโ€™s costume. Did you guess โ€˜zombieโ€? Good for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will warn you that if youโ€™re not into zombies some of these photos may bother you… one of the ladies I work with literally ran away from him and hid behind a guy dressed up like a pirate! LOL!!

Dude bought the makeup and another coworker created this masterpiece. Little did I know that Dude wanted to enter a yoga Halloween costume contest. So please go vote for Dudeโ€™s photo โ€œZombiefied Cryptic Crowโ€ and help him beat out the Curious George/Man in Yellow Hat photo.

So now, without further delay… here is Dudeโ€™s costume… OK… he was way too FUNNY when he was doing this so… he is my Friday Funny!

Don’t forget to vote for Dude’s Zombiefield Cryptic Crow!