Dancing Leaf

Have you ever been on a walk on a brisk Autumn day and seen a “dancing leaf” in mid-air? Sounds strange, eh? Well, take a look at this… it was just dancing in the air… I stood there and watched it for a few minutes. All the rest decided to fall to the ground. Not this one. The photo quality isn’t the greatest because, well the leaf was moving about and my iPhone doesn’t have the bestest stop-action camera on it.

In all likelihood there was a spiderweb on it somewhere, but I couldn’t see it.

OK… feel free to go back to your regularly scheduled day… ;)

2 comments to Dancing Leaf

  • I’ve seen stuff like this before.

  • crystal

    i love it when i get to see these- not very often and always in an unusual place or when a little dust devil is spinning around and everything else is perfectly still. i feel like i’m in forest gump! my latest encounter was a recent trip to new york and looking up there was a giant bubble just floating by so lazy WAY up in the sky. i got a pic of it, but didn’t know how to insert it here.

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