Friday Funny – Best Yoga Zombie

I have mentioned my friend and co-worker Dude. Dude is really into yoga. Dude is really into dressing up for Halloween. Dude is really into zombies. Dude is a little nuts.

We had a Halloween contest at work and I bet you can guess Dude’s costume. Did you guess ‘zombie”? Good for you! ;)

I will warn you that if you’re not into zombies some of these photos may bother you… one of the ladies I work with literally ran away from him and hid behind a guy dressed up like a pirate! LOL!!

Dude bought the makeup and another coworker created this masterpiece. Little did I know that Dude wanted to enter a yoga Halloween costume contest. So please go vote for Dude’s photo “Zombiefied Cryptic Crow” and help him beat out the Curious George/Man in Yellow Hat photo.

So now, without further delay… here is Dude’s costume… OK… he was way too FUNNY when he was doing this so… he is my Friday Funny!

Don’t forget to vote for Dude’s Zombiefield Cryptic Crow!

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