Apple Pie in an Apple

Greetings this fine January day! WOW! That really sounds chipper and upbeat! I think it is because there was this GIANT BRIGHT ORB in the sky this morning and on top of the SUN shining I’m actually starting to feel better!!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!! 😀 I really really really hate being sick. It lasts “forever”! It’s been a month TODAY! Anyway on with today’s post…

Back in November I was chatting with my friend Nicole (you know Nicole from Life’s a Beach… wish I was on one) and she referred me to an amazing blog post by Renata about an Apple Pie in the Apple. I was intrigued. Nicole is always sharing links to some great posts – thanks, Nicole!! I had hoped to make it for Thanksgiving Dinner, but we had so much other food so I didn’t get it done. Then I had planned on it for Christmas and well in our usual fashion… too much food again. I did make them, but not for a fancy dinner. I thought you might be interested in how it went.

Renata’s recipe was actually inspired by Paper Plates and China who used a lattice top and both of theirs are quite lovely. They’re slightly different and since Hubby isn’t much of a “pastry fan”, I opted for Renata’s version. Both of their photos are much, much better than mine – Renata’s are amazing!!

This was my first attempt so my results were less than stellar… but they tasted AWESOME!

Cast of characters (sorry no photo):
Filling: Apples, Flour, Sugar, Cinnamon
Sweet Pie Dough: All purpose flour, whole wheat flour, corn starch, sugar, butter (cold), egg, salt, baking powder

Make the dough (again no photo, sorry), roll it out between wax paper and place in fridge…

Hollow-out the apples, being careful to not pierce sides, and use the bits for the filling. This is so much easier said than done (if anyone has any suggestions, please share). I pierced the sides of the apples a couple of times which will be evident soon.

Mix the apples, four, sugar and cinnamon. Put filling in hollowed-out apples and place in parchment lined pan…

Use “something” to cut out tops. I was lame and used a glass. I didn’t have a large cookie cutter (I do now though!). Be sure to poke venting holes in tops before putting on top of apples. You can use a straw. 😉 BTW, my OCD is having fits at the fact that these aren’t identical! UGH!

You can see after they cooked where I pieced the sides too closely… they split… 🙁

One broke open…

Several broken, some not…

But… add ice cream and you forget about broken apples…


One downside that all three of us though was the blossom end of the apple has this little piece… If you’re not careful, you’d eat it.

The Offspring and I loved the taste, but digging out the apple bits was really hard and I’m not sure if the effort is worth it. I have some adorable ramekins and I think I want to try the recipe again, but just not put it in actual apple. That would alleviate the blossom end, too. 😉

I’ll let you know how that goes when I get that done. I’m feeling better so maybe this weekend… or for “Girls’ Night” on Friday.

Have you tried making anything like this?