Christmas Gift

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Le Creuset and how Hubby calls it “Le Crack” because I’m “addicted” to it. Remember a year ago I when I asked if Do I need to be committed? and how since then, I have either received new pieces as kitchen warming gifts, Christmas surprises or found great deals at Marshalls. I even had a Le Creuset giveaway.

Well, Ma is now feeding my habit! 😉 Look at the wonderful gift she bought me for this past Christmas! 😀

Can’t tell what it is??? Let me show you…

Still can’t tell what it is? Does this help?

I love the loop! It’s for a towel!

I feel like a real kitchen pro! Isn’t it a cool apron? Thanks, Ma!! You know how much I love Le Creuset AND aprons!!

Do you have a cool apron?