Babybel OCD and Making a Wax Heart

I have a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Sometimes I can’t help myself; other times I really don’t care. It’s WEIRD!!! What is really weird is I have “Babybel OCD”. What’s that? you ask… It’s easier to show you…

Just about every time I eat a Mini Babybel cheese round this is my process… (NOTE: forgive the photos… crappy lighting at my work desk)

I open the round just like you’re supposed to… pull the little pulls….

…then I put the “cap” underneath the “bottom”…

…and then eat the cheese… (guess it’s better than “cutting the cheese”… sorry… I couldn’t resist! 😉 )

… put the pulls inside…

…fold in front side…

…fold in the back side…

…fold the left edge in…

… fold the right edge…

…and Voila! a Babybel wax heart… 😉

It’s complusive… when I try to just toss it my stomach starts flip-flopping and I have been known to get it out of the trash and fold it! Then I wash-wash-wash my hands! UGH! I’m nuts, right? (Rafael, you be nice!)

Do you have any unusual habits when you eat something?

8 comments to Babybel OCD and Making a Wax Heart

  • K8

    I have many little OCD type quirks when it comes to food, mostly snacks and candy. For instance, I will dig through a bag of chips to find all the “rolled” ones, (basically any that are folded over) and when it comes to skittles or m&ms, I can’t eat random mixed colors together, they either have to be all one color, or one of each color. 😉 Hubs has lots of fun messing with me with these. lol!

  • Ok, you’re officially weird! Hahaha! But, my habit isn’t when I’m eating. I have this OCD problem of paying for something with my credit/debit card, putting the card back in my wallet, checking to see if I really put it back, finishing the transaction, putting my wallet back into my purse, walking away, then stopping once (either in the store or in the car) to make sure my card is really in my wallet. I’m officially weird too, Stef!

  • Evil Gypsy

    Ow ow ow, my tongue hurts sooo much from biting it!!!!

  • I’ve never had a babybel….

    • Stef

      Oh, Girlfriend, you have to try them. They’re a semi-soft cheese. No, it’s not “the best cheese in the world”, but for a quick 50 calorie snack they’re tasty.

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