Stop Censorship

Next week the US Congress is going to be voting on what boils down to censorship. On Wed, January 18 my blog will be sort of “down” you have to click an extra link. Be sure to click on the “Continue to Site” link on the first page that is displayed.

I’m sorry… this is the United States of America not China… We have the Freedom of Speech. DO NOT CENSOR internet content. Write your representatives tell them NO to “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA)!!! For more information, visit Fight for the Future-PIPA site.

Don’t get me wrong… I believe that actors, musicians, artist, bloggers, journalist, etc. have the right to protect their intellectual property. I do NOT steal music, movies, photos, etc.

Hubby and I have taught The Offspring to respect copyright laws. If I use someone else’s intellectual property, I do the best I can to give them credit and permission to use their creation. Remember my Kansas City Storm Pic to Raise Money for Joplin post? Before I posted his picture, I contacted the photographer, Scott Cook, to get his permission to use his photo on my blog. If anyone finds their media on my blog and I didn’t get your permission… contact me directly.

I appreciate your understanding and support.

Keep Free Speech!