Newest Addiction

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you don’t know which end is up or that there just isn’t enough time for everything? You know I feel that way … hence the name of my blog. 😉

I have fairly successfully learned to limit my Facebook time. More because I hate all the flipping changes. Sometimes I get on Twitter and get lose track of time, but I can’t read everything. Now I have started using Pinterest.

For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is or have heard of it and don’t know what they heck it is… you are not alone.

Pinterest, commonly pronounced Pin + terest … as in PINning something inTERESTing to an electronic (virtual) pin board. You remember pin boards? Back in the day we called them “bulletin boards” or “tack boards”. Pinterest is another social networking site. You can have followers and you can follow someone or neither.

What I really like about Pinterest is that when you “pin” something to one of your boards it puts a link to the original source. So the author or creator still gets credit. I love this.

For example, Jules from A Little Bite of Life pinned my Homemade Vanilla and Apple Pie in an Apple blog posts to her pin board. She has followers who then liked the idea and re-pinned her pin to their pin boards. Within 30 minutes I had two other people re-pin.

Did you know I have a Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ link beneath any post so you can share on other social networking sites?

When you pin something it puts in on one of your boards. If you “Like” someone else’s pin; instead of putting it on your pin board it adds it to your “Liked” section.

I am using it as a place to keep my “pictorial” bookmarks in different categories (ie. Desserts, Drinks, Photography, etc.).

Pinterest has a “button” in which you can install on your browser’s link bar (found under Help). So when you’re on a site you click “Pin It’ and you are prompted to select a pin board or create a new one. I LOVE this feature!!!

You can even link your account to Facebook or Twitter so you can share your pins/likes across other social networking sites.

Now I think you’re wondering where does the title of this post (Newest Addiction) fit in… As you start to follow people and their pins show up when you login… then you start looking at their pins and so on and you get lost at looking at some interesting things. These are all the things I pinned at last night. Some of them I cannot wait to try. Like Salad in a Jar, Memory Jar and cookies and bread and…

Be careful when you join because if you select “things you’re interested in” Pinterest starts you following people you have no idea who they are. Maybe you want this. If not, do like I did and go to your profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner. Then click on the “following link” above your profile picture on the left and then you can Unfollow people.

Pinterest is still in “beta” which it is not totally mainstream and you have to apply for an account or be invited. It doesn’t take long for a request for an account to be accepted, but if you’d like me to “invite” you, leave a comment and use your correct email address – only I will see it. I will then invite you to join in the fun. 😀 Be sure to read the Pinterest Help.