Didn’t Listen to My Voice of Reason

Sometimes I can be a real B-I-T-C-H bitch. I know and I often hate it and regret it even more. (Evil Gypsy, feel free to sling the comments my way!)

I recently REALLY blew it. I tried not to. I even had my voice of reason on my shoulder (aka my dear friend Kim) asking me, “Stef, are your really sure you want to do this?” I tried to hold back, but just couldn’t do it. I know this sounds really vague to just about everyone on the planet, but I feel I must publicly apologize… I’m sorry, you know who!!!

When I shared some of the details of my out of body rantings with Kim, I told her that she was sitting on my shoulder. I even demonstrated her mouth movements with my hand. She cracked up. That part was funny… the rest wasn’t.

Again, you know who, I’m sorry!

2 comments to Didn’t Listen to My Voice of Reason

  • Kim Eriksen

    Hahahaha – Oh Stef, you are funny….I’ll have to think of some funny things to whisper in your ear and when you laugh and your all alone people will think your insane….but we know, right. :)

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