Five Years Ago Today

I lost my beloved Grandma B five years ago today (Sunday, February 4, 2007). I can’t believe it’s been five years. I have one of her music boxes on my dresser, so I think of her daily.

My dad brought this back from Japan when he returned from the Vietnam War. She had two. When I was younger I would always go to her bedroom and play the music. The music doesn’t play anymore … I wish it did. (note: if anyone knows how to fix a windup music box – not replace one, but fix it – please let me know)

I also think of here when I bake; especially when I make her recipes.

I don’t have very many pictures of Grandma with The Offspring and me. I did find these from our Christmas visit in 1997. We were playing hide-and-seek… well sort of. We didn’t move from the couch, we just hid our eyes.

Oh, Grandma, I miss you! I’m sure you’ve been keeping an eye on us… You were right… The Offspring has gotten TALL! She’s taller than I! (I’ve shrunk. ☹ )

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