Giant Orb in the Sky

I’ve often talked about how much I HATE our Oregon winters. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The gray gloomy skies are just so hard to take. I have no idea how someone from the near-Arctic region survives.

I use daylight/full spectrum light bulbs in almost all of our lamps. It helps.

At my old job I had desk lamp which had daylight bulbs in it. At my current job, my desk used to be right near a window; it too helped. I sat there for four-and-a-half years. We’ve consolidated our office buildings and now I don’t sit near a window. It is soooooo damn dreary! I hate it. I don’t complain at work; it wouldn’t help and would only make things worse.

The sun has been making an appearance more in the last couple of days and it is WONDERFUL!!! 😀 I’ve missed you, Mr. Sun!! Thank you for making our winter days more like spring!! My flower bulbs are enjoying you, too! 😉

When I walked downstairs this morning I saw it gleaming through the blinds. When I opened them I saw this…

It reminded me of when our dearly departed Lady would lay in Mr. Sun. She absolutely loved it. If Mr. Sun was peaking in the window, she’d find a way to absorb his rays.

So I decided to lay down. Yep, on the floor and soak up some rays. This is what The Offspring saw…

It was wonderful!! I highly recommend doing it. You’ll feel better!

2 comments to Giant Orb in the Sky

  • Hahaha you wouldn’t like my house then. It points to the South and is a berm house. I wish it had way more light in it!!

    • Stef

      Our house faces south with no windows on west and the east window is in a room I rarely go into – and it is covered. We get no direct sunlight in the back of the house, but at least I can see out! 😉

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