Inception Digital Copy Surprise

I just had a GREAT surprise and couldn’t wait to share it with you, my loyal readers! Before leaving for my step mom’s funeral, I ordered the Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-Ray) from Amazon for $12.99. I have been cleaning up my desk and just opened the case. Since it was a “Two-Disc Edition” I was expecting to see two Blu-ray discs (one for the movie and one for special features), but to my surprise there was more in the case than expected!!

Check this out:
Two discs – Blu-ray special features and DVD

… and my biggest surprise… right next the Blu-ray copy of the movie is a Digital Copy insert! That’s right…Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy for $12.99! When it first came out the movie was about $20.00 and we were in the middle of our remodel so I didn’t get it purchased. But wait, my heart almost stopped…

…the Digital Copy expiration date is listed as “May 06, 2011” and it is from Warner Bros. 🙁 I have often tried to use “expired” WB redemption codes and they have not worked. I was kicking myself for not buying the movie sooner. But something was telling me “Awww try it, what harm is there?”

I couldn’t resist… I went to the website listed on the insert ( and to my surprise, I found a message which read

Digital Copy expiration date for “Inception” has been extended to 12/19/13 to provide more viewing options for Inception fans.

I was BLOWN AWAY they actually extended the expiration code!!!

As I quickly type this post, Inception is downloading via iTunes. I couldn’t wait to share the news to other [potential] Inception fans – especially since you can get Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy for $12.99!

Lesson learned… even if the date is past, try the code/web site… 😉

Have you had luck with an “expired” Digital Copy redemption code?