New Kitchen Gadget

I have often discussed my addictions (Le Creuset, cookbooks, movies…). Well, have I mentioned I’m addicted to kitchen gadgets as well? Mama is too and I think Ma is too. Well, a few weeks ago I was in Kansas City and Mama, The Offspring, and my step dad hit TJ Maxx… Since I was flying back to Oregon I knew I couldn’t take Le Creuset, but I thought I would see what gadgets they had. (BTW, I DID Le Creuset… but it was for Mama. I needed to get her addicted like I did Ma… Oh I’m so BAD!)

Anyway, before I darted over to the Le Creuset area, I saw this cool Joseph Joseph Elevate Small Spatula. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it… the hot pink was calling to me!

I have several other Joseph Joseph gadgets so I know I’d be happy, but this one intrigued me.

It has a built-in stand (or “tool rest” as they call it) to keep the spatula off the counter! 😀

I haven’t seen it at any other store, but I haven’t really looked. I know Amazon has it here. Evidentally, there are other “Evelate” items! Come to think of it, I have some Joseph Joseph tools I haven’t shared yet…

Have you seen a spatula like this before?