New Kitchen Gadget

I have often discussed my addictions (Le Creuset, cookbooks, movies…). Well, have I mentioned I’m addicted to kitchen gadgets as well? Mama is too and I think Ma is too. Well, a few weeks ago I was in Kansas City and Mama, The Offspring, and my step dad hit TJ Maxx… Since I was flying back to Oregon I knew I couldn’t take Le Creuset, but I thought I would see what gadgets they had. (BTW, I DID Le Creuset… but it was for Mama. I needed to get her addicted like I did Ma… Oh I’m so BAD!)

Anyway, before I darted over to the Le Creuset area, I saw this cool Joseph Joseph Elevate Small Spatula. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it… the hot pink was calling to me!

I have several other Joseph Joseph gadgets so I know I’d be happy, but this one intrigued me.

It has a built-in stand (or “tool rest” as they call it) to keep the spatula off the counter! 😀

I haven’t seen it at any other store, but I haven’t really looked. I know Amazon has it here. Evidentally, there are other “Evelate” items! Come to think of it, I have some Joseph Joseph tools I haven’t shared yet…

Have you seen a spatula like this before?

2 comments to New Kitchen Gadget

  • hmmmm that’s pretty cool. Similar but way different than the RR easy spoons. btw I lost one of my lazy spoons. It’s been a sad day at my house. Just sayin… LOL.. but after we left you guys in Springfield we went to Marshalls and saw great prices on Le Crueset and thought of you. Even hubby did 🙂

  • Stef

    Sorry to hear about your missing lazy spoon. Too funny about you and PC thinking of *me* when you saw Le Creuset!! LOL!

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