Silence… Not so golden

The end of yet another crappy week! So why the “Fabulous Friday” sign? … because IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!! YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!

It seems like I’ve been silent quite a bit recently. I’m sorry. I’ve really not been up to writing. I have a lot to say, but just can’t bring myself to write about it. I want my blog to be more “upbeat”. But when life hits you square in the face and you loose your motivation and withdraw from society blogging gets pushed to be back burner. I’m sorry.

I can’t really do much venting in any detail here because I have friends, family and coworkers who read my blog and well I don’t like to “air my dirty laundry”. I’ve often thought about creating a new blog that I can just anonymously vent… instead I re-started a book I began writing a couple years ago (pre-blogging).

Do you really want to hear me bitch and moan about how much my life sucks? Hey, if so let me know.

Now that all that “housekeeping” is done…

I better get off my butt and write for you. I just rewrote a couple of my old posts as guest posts for Nicole. But instead of her Life’s a Beach blog which I talked about when she was kind to guest post for me, it is for her recipe blog at Cheese In My Macaroni (cute name, eh?). I figure since I’m writing for her and her readers, I should write for MY readers. DUH!!

It’s really bad that I’ve only written to posts in April. One of which was a “Friday Funny” so does that really count? Maybe.

I have several posts “started” but not completed. It seems I start to worry about silly things when I’m writing, like what picture(s) will I post with the post. Why they heck am I worrying about that?!

I’m also thinking about changing my blog format – creating my own WordPress theme. I just bought a new Mac app that supposedly will make that super easy. I hope so. 😉

I also have a few iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps in mind to write. The Offspring has a great idea for one and it doesn’t exist. Wouldn’t it be great to create the next big hit?! I mean if the writer(s) of iFart can sell over 300,000 copies within three days, why can’t our idea?!

If you have ideas, but don’t have a clue about writing iOS apps, send me an email at iOSApp_Suggestion at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime dot com.

On a fun note, after The Offspring’s softball game, I’m going to see the movie The Raven tonight with my friend T. It’s a movie about an 19th century mad man re-enacting Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. Sounds kind of gruesome, but intriguing at the same time.

I haven’t read any of Poe’s things since high school, but I remember enjoying them – not sure why … maybe it was the cadence… anyway, I’ll let you know what I think of it later. I’m looking forward to some personal downtime for sure!

Right now, I either need a stiff drink (or two), a nap or a hug… or all of the above! 😉 Like I said, it’s been crappy week AGAIN!

I’m sorry I’ve been sooooo quite of late! I promise to do better. 😀