Smile, Sunny Blue Skies and a Dancing Flower

If you’ve been reading my blog posts recently you’ve noticed I’ve been in a “funk”. YEP… that’s putting it mildly. It’s been pretty depressing around me for a while.

Well, this morning helped… NO rain… NO cloudy skies… BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKIES…

I also had a cute thing thing dancing in my window sill…

Yesterday Ma called and asked me to come over as she had something for me.

When I arrived, she handed me this cute package and I opened it. (being careful not to tear the tissue paper or ribbon so she can regift it!) 😉 Inside was the adorable little solar sunflower…

I set it in the window when I got home and it sat there and danced for me…

This morning, it was very happy to see sunshine…

Since you can’t see it’s happiness from the picture… take a look at this video.

I hope your Monday was a happy one… mine has been OK. 😀

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