Thanks, Mama, for teaching me right from wrong!

I realize the title of this post seems rather odd, but it is so true. Let me explain…

Like all teens I had my rebellious stage. My mom never stopped loving me even though I could be a b-i-t-c-h bitch. OK, granted sometimes I am still, but for the most part I am a caring, compassionate person. Well, that’s what I’m told.

Anyway, Mama always taught us to do the right thing, even when that little voice inside your head says, “No one will know.”

I believe the fact is that even if you’re not a person of faith or you’re a non-believer in God or other higher power that there will always be at least one person who knows that you chose “wrong”… YOU!

I went shopping at Costco (warehouse store for my international readers) and had several things. As I was loading my things into my car I noticed a Bluray that I didn’t remember seeing get scanned – in other words… I hadn’t paid for it. It has slipped into something else. I felt awful!

I finished loading my things and then picked up movie and looked at it. That little voice said, “Just put it in the car and go. You have frozen things and dairy. Get going”. I literally shuck my head and headed back into the store.

I walked up to the “returns” counter and waited for my turn. I handed the movie to the lady and said, “This slipped into some of my things and I didn’t pay for it. I want to pay for it now.” She looked at me with a puzzled looked and then asked, “Do you have your receipt?” I said, “No, I left it in the car because I didn’t think it mattered since it wasn’t on the receipt.” She proceeded to ring it up and said, “Thank you for bringing it back.” To which I replied, “Of course. It was the right thing to do.” She smiled. I smiled, more inside than out I think because I knew that if my mom had been with me she would have been so proud.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mama for raising me to know right from wrong. I LOVE YOU!

What would you have done? (I’m not really expecting anyone to reply, but just think about it and remember there will always be at least one person who knows when you have done wrong.)