Does “absence really make the heart grow fonder”? If so, you must really be fond of me by now. All I can say is… I’m sorry.

As I have mentioned a few times life has been nuts and I just haven’t been able to keep up with my writing. Before I sat down to write this, I had FOUR posts started on my computer of which I have never finished! :( I will though, I have some are some recipes that I think you will enjoy. Downside is I can’t work on them right now as they’re on my computer which is sadly at home and I’m not at home. So I’m writing this on my iPad.

Right now, I am sitting on a ferry traveling from BEAUTIFUL Seattle, Washington to Bremerton, WA and then we’re driving to my in-law’s. I can’t believe how peaceful this ride is! I have at least three posts running through my head!! I won’t finish them all on this hour-ish ferry ride, but will work on them on our two-and-a-half hour drive home. ;) I have a lot to share, but they’re going to take time to get them together. Nicole, you’re right… writing is therapeutic! :D

In the meantime, let me fill you in on more of the “why” I’m on a ferry…

We’re on the tail-end of a family vacation. We went to Seattle for The Offspring’s 18th Birthday. OMGOSH I can’t believe my baby is 18!!!

Last Friday was the first day of my long-awaited vacation. Rest and relaxation… ahhhhhh… Surprisingly enough, I don’t feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. :D

Last weekend, we first drove to see my in-laws for a wonderful overnight visit. Then the next day we headed up to Bremerton to take a ferry to Seattle. That ferry was really crowded… Duh, it was a holiday weekend!

Even with all the people, we still had a beautiful view, even from a distance. In one direction was Seattle…

…in another was Mt. Rainier…

As we got closer we could see the beautiful cityscape!

Today, there are so few people on the ferry. Perhaps it is because it is mid-day. It is nice and quiet. I had started reading an e-book, but decided I would write this post. Aren’t you glad?

I promise that I am writing more posts, but want to separate them from this “I’m back!” post. I get many hits from non-regular followers and don’t want to lose people so I have decided to slit up my posts. I hope that people searching for Seattle vacation will learn from our experiences, so they’ll be separate… and coming soon!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Have you missed me?

6 comments to Absence

  • Ma

    Of course, I always miss you when I don’t see you for a couple of days. I always feel lonely when your kitchen blind is closed (nuts aren’t I or maybe a tad bit insecure at times!)
    Anyway, I’m glad you are home again. I will be here if you need me, I know the next couple of weeks are going to be a challenge. You will be glad The Offspring will be out on her own, but you will miss her. Maybe you can be support for Hubby, he is going to find this change very traumatic, I hope he can shed a tear if he needs to, men are so childish in that way and think it affects their “manliness.”

    WOW, this was some reply, sorry I’m such a rambler today.

    Love you always,

  • So jealous, so want to go to Seattle! And wow, Mt. Rainier

  • Steph:

    I hope you are back, I miss your posts!

    • Stef

      HI, Jules! Not sure what happened, but I didn’t get notified about your comment. Sorry for my delay in replying! I hope to get back to blogging. Life’s been NUTS recently! I have probably 10 posts in my head!

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