Stay Strong, @ItsJillJensen

Video of the Day
The Offspring and I watched the The X Factor (USA) tonight. I didn’t watch it last year. We just couldn’t work it in. This season, we’re recording both The Voice and The X Factor. We have watched three nights of The Voice auditions and then watched The X Factor. I am soooo glad we did!

One young lady earned her place on The X Factor. She is 19-year-old Jillian Jensen. She explained that she, too, has a tattoo like The X Factor judge Demi Lovato which reads “Stay Strong” and for the same reasons as Lovato. Jensen was bullied in junior high and high school.

Jensen then began singing Jessie J’s Who You Are, even through her tears. Her performance was so powerful! I could feel her pain. Lovato teared up, too. Even the often harsh and completely frank Simon Cowell was moved to the point that he was speechless and I swear I saw a tear in his eye!

After Jensen’s performance, Lovato went up on stage and hugged her. It, too, was so moving to see their connection. During her critique Lovato said,

I – I cannot believe how amazing that just was. I felt it when you started talking about being bullied and I knew that you been had through a lot, but when you sang, it broke my heart.

This is an amazing story and performance… take the time and watch this video! (Watch all of it… have a few tissues handy)

She was right. It was amazing! Standing ovation by everyone, including the judges – even the contestant holding room stood and clapped. WOW!

Heartfelt, right?