Sightseeing in Seattle, Day 1

If you haven’t been to Seattle, you should really make the effort. It had been nearly 21 years since we’ve vacationed to Seattle. WOW did I really just say that? We live three hours (with no traffic, which is rare) … what the heck!!! Why the heck have we not taken the time to go? Oh right… busy with life and well… Too much to do so little time – guess that’s why I named my blog that. 😉

Our recent vacation there reminded me of just how much I love Seattle! It is so beautiful. I asked Hubby if we can go back again, just the two of us, maybe even taking the train – especially given our wonderful hotel stay (if you missed my Planning a Seattle Vacation post be sure to read it).

As I mentioned in my Absence post, we took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. Downtown Seattle sits on the Puget Sound.

To the west of Seattle/Puget Sound you can see the Olympic Mountain Range…

…to the east is the Cascade Mountain Range (also known as the Cascades). In Washington the Cascades are home of Mt. St. Helens in the south (just north of Portland, Oregon) and Mt. Baker in the north and just to the west of Seattle is Mt. Rainer.

The Seattle waterfront has a wide variety of restaurants, many of which offer fresh Pacific seafood and fresh Northwest produce. We were in heaven. Our first night, we went to the waterfront and walked around. After a yummy seafood dinner… even Hubby had seafood (fish and chips) – he does NOT like “fish”. 😀

After dinner we sat on the waterfront and watched The Great Wheel. (sorry for the crappy quality; low light and no tripod)

As I mentioned in my Planning a Seattle Vacation post our hotel (The Hyatt Place Seattle Downtown) had a free shuttle. It was really nice, when we were done we called the hotel and they came and got us. No dealing with parking or traffic! It was really nice. 😀

I don’t want to overwhelm you, so I am going to split up our trip into multiple posts, one for each day.

Isn’t Seattle beautiful?