Whose fault is it anyway?

Time to VentI am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of all the political CRAP on the radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, UGH! Make it STOP!

The opposition to the incumbent almost always says, “X didn’t do blah” or “X hasn’t lived up to his/her promises”.

Well… don’t you remember you civics lessons from middle school and high school?

Congress is the one who writes and passes the BILLS. Actually, both sides of Congress have to pass a bill before it is sent to the president for signing. Congress is the branch of our government who push everything through. YES, the president signs it into law or Congress can override the veto.

SO … it’s CONGRESS’ FAULT! They are our representatives… We, the people, have the power to make a change… If you don’t like what Congress is pushing through… then change your Congressional representatives!

Interesting fact…

From 1789-present, only 110 of 2,564 presidential vetoes (both regular and “pocket”) have had Congressional override.

(source: http://www.senate.gov/reference/Legislation/Vetoes/vetoCounts.htm)

That’s right… a measly 4 percent! So, as I said… blame Congress!

On a personal note, I often avoid Facebook during this time because so many of my friends have political crap… I remove them from my news feed because I’m so sick of it and sometimes choose to not put you back for fear all I will see is politics.

Folks, don’t you realize that your Facebook friends really don’t want to see all that crap in our news feeds. Do yourself and all of your friends a favor… stop posting political crap on Facebook! You’re not going to sway my vote… unless it is to vote the opposite way …

Nicole from has a great point on her blog today… Vote for Mickey!