Just fixed my broken 22 year old Krups 964 Espresso Maker! The “O ring” was out of its track. I just unscrewed the metal filter on the underneath side and removed the metal filter. Then removed the “O ring”. Cleaned it all out and Viola! It’s working again!

Enjoying a toasted marshmallow and almond latte and listening to Adele… Pure bliss…

Too bad I’m feeling better from being sick… Have to clean the house. So much for bliss… 🙁

On second thought… I wouldn’t want to overdo it… right? 😉

Bliss again! 😀

2 comments to Bliss

  • Don’t tell Mark but he’s getting a kuerig for Christmas 🙂

  • Ray

    Read a 2012 post which led me to clean out my stainless steel wand with a copper wire and vinegar. Viola the steam came through and the gunk spewed out. My Krups 964 now works well. It will be my grand daughters 8th grade graduation gift. She loves lattes.

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