It’s cold in here

I have been reluctant to turn the heat on. I’ve been bundling up under blankets and comforters in the evenings and not really thinking about the temp in the house… except when I’m getting ready for work.

I grabbed a heavy comforter when I went to work yesterday – just in case I decided to take a nap during my lunch break. Didn’t take one, but was ready for it. 😉

When I got home I from work I carried it back into the house. There was a chill in the house so I didn’t take off my fleece coat. I told Hubby that I was reluctant to turn on the heat. He asked why. To which I replied, “To save money. I guess I’ll wait until the house temp is in the 50s.” Then I turned and saw the thermometer… and giggled…

… then I walked over to the thermostat and proceeded to turn heat on! LOL! Later, I stripped the bed and put on flannel sheets! 😉

At what temp do you decide to turn the heat on?

4 comments to It’s cold in here

  • we have our heater on, but it’s set to like 50 or 60 so if it gets cold pipes don’t freeze, otherwise, we built a fire once already but that’s it. Today’s high 81. Friday’s high 48. Gotta love Missouri weather.

  • Ma

    I REFUSE to be cold and turn the heat on when the house gets down to 62. I will give up my mochas and lots of other things if I have to save money for heat. Our new pellet stove is in and waiting for Tony to pick it up then it will be nice and warm, you might have to come over and warm up!

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