Time to Vent
I am SOOOOOO sick of all of the negativity on Facebook, Twitter, radio, TV, blogs…

Although I respect everyone’s freedom of speech, I hope now that the election is over and that regardless if who you voted for or if you’re happy with popular votes – be it for the president, senate, house, statewide elections, referendums, measures… WHATEVER… I must ask that you SHOW RESPECT.

There are elections and voting that I’m not happy with, too, but I want to be respectful and am not inundating others with negativity.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the barrage of NEGATIVITY MUST STOP. Remember, here in the USA, Americans died for you to have the right to speak so freely.

Respect those you gave their lives for our freedoms!!!

I’m stealing the following from a friend:

The bad mouthing, name-calling, rudeness, and pettiness being shown to those who may see things a different way than you is not ok either. In the end we are all AMERICANS, and we all have to work TOGETHER to make this nation as great as it can be. Please think before you attack another for their views. May you all find peace in your hearts and a way to move forward with dignity and respect for your fellow men and women.

One more thing… I may or may not have agreed with your voting. Voting is a PERSONAL CHOICE and I RESPECT your freedom to vote how you wish. I don’t need nor do I want political crap constantly thrown in my face!

So, if you can’t be RESPECTFUL… feel free to drop me from your reading list. Also, I will drop you from my reading list if you cannot be RESPECTFUL.