Friday Cocktail – Pineapple Candy


This weeks’ drink stars a vodka that K8 and I tried some time ago and neither of us like it – granted we were tasting it straight and room temp. I’m talking about Pinnacle’s Country Fair Cotton Vodka (when I bought it it was called Cotton Candy).

I refuse to throw out a vodka that I paid good money for… so I thought I’d revisit it this week. I thought it would be wise to consult Pinnacle to see what they recommend as a mixer for this vodka. They had several on their Facebook page. I really didn’t want to have to go out for anything, so I chose one with ingredients I had on hand.

Cast of Characters: Pinnacle Country Fair Cotton vodka, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice, Ice

Pour ice into shaker and add 2 Jiggers of Pinnacle Country Fair Cotton vodka…

Add 1.5 jiggers of pineapple juice…

Add 1/2 jigger (more if desired) of Grenadine…

Shake and pour into a martini glass…

You’re supposed to garnish with a pineapple wedge, but I didn’t have fresh pineapple, so I improvised… I used a small yellow sticky note. 😉
(No, I hadn’t started drinking!! LOL!)

Hubby isn’t usually around when I make my cocktails and this time he was so I offered him one. He said that he would try it, but that he wasn’t promising anything. Well, guess what… he liked it! He wouldn’t let me take a picture of him, so feel free to imagine him drinking it. 😉

I was doing a FaceTime session with The Offspring and her roommate Katie when I tasted it… needless-to-say they cracked up. My reaction was quite funny for them. In fact, when I took my second drink, Katie took a picture of me on The Offspring’s computer, but it didn’t turn out well enough for me to post it. I wasn’t too keen about it! BUT never fear! I added some more pineapple juice and a bit more grenadine and it was better. The recipe provided is with my changes.

For what it’s worth, Hubby asked for a second one! 😀 And, I am drinking mine as I type this.

So, I guess it all depends on what kind of cocktail you like. If you don’t want to go and buy a large bottle of the vodka you could as your local bartender to make it for you… or see if you can get a smaller bottle.

Have you tried Pinnacle’s Country Fair Cotton Vodka?

To get a printer friendly copy of the recipe, go here. (If link doesn’t work it is because the recipe is still under review.)

Pineapple Candy
Serving Size: 1 glass

1 cup Ice
2 jiggers Pinnacle’s Country Fair Cotton Vodka
1.5 jiggers Pineapple Juice
1/2 jigger Grenadine

1. Put Ice in Shaker

2. Pour vodka over ice

3. Add Pineapple Juice

4. Add Grenadine

5. Cover and shake vigorously

6. Strain into martini glass

7. Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge (optional) (or yellow sticky note). 😉