Friday Cocktail – Rangpur White Lady

I think I’ve mentioned that I have a “page-a-day” cocktail calendar. Well, back in July there as a drink listed. It sounded good, but I never got around to making it… until now… sort of. I’ve changed one of the ingredients a bit and I am SOOOO glad I did.

According to my calendar, the White Lady was created in London back in 1919.

Well, I’m not a big gin drinker. I suppose that’s why I never made this drink before. Gin is too dry for me and not really my “cup of tea”… er, liquor. 😉

I have two different kinds of gin in the house. One is London Dry Gin and the other is Tanqueray’s Rangpur Gin. The Rangpur has been infused with Rangpur limes. I like limes so I thought let’s mix things up a bit.

Cast of Characters: Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, Cointreau (orange liqueur), fresh lemon and ice (not pictured)

Put glass in freezer to get it really good and cold – I put mine in for 15 minutes.

Put ice is a shaker. As you can see, I used crushed ice.

Pour two jiggers of gin over the ice…

Add 1 jigger of freshly squeezed lemon juice…

Add 1 jigger of Cointreau – do not spill it because it’s expensive and most especially when it’s the last of it in the bottle! — K8, can you believe I spilled it?!?! (YES, I was SOOO tempted to lick it off the counter!!)

Remove glass from freezer… (yes, this is a wine glass, but who cares among us friends! 😉 )

Put lid on shaker and shake vigorously and then strain into chilled glass. Garnish with a lemon mini-wedge.

Now, as I said, I’m not a big gin drinker… This is really good… I bet it’s the fresh lemon and Cointreau that made it so good… oh and the Rangpur limes! 😉


Have you ever had a White Lady?

To get a printer friendly copy of the recipe, go here. (If link doesn’t work it is because the recipe is still under review.)

Rangpur White Lady
Serving Size: 1 glass

Well chilled glass
Ice, crushed
2 jiggers Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
1 jigger Cointreau
1 jigger Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

Pour all ingredients to shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into well chilled glass and garnish with with a mini lemon wedge.

2 comments to Friday Cocktail – Rangpur White Lady

  • I didn’t know you had a calendar like that. Very cool. My friend’s husband had surgery this morning and this weekend while out shopping I bought her this cute little Margarita pops.

    • Stef

      Yeah, I was hoping for a new recipe each day, but they’ll have one recipe and then two variations. There are some that I don’t expect to ever try, but you never know. I probably wouldn’t have tried this one because of the gin, but since I had the Rangpur Gin I thought I’d give it a try. I was really happy that I did! 😉

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