Bouncing all around ADD-style


Do you ever find yourself just bouncing from one task to another… even if you make a list? Well, that’s my life lately.

Getting ready for our Christmas was really hard for me. Not only did I have baking to do, of which I’m still not done yet, but I have to look for a job, too. It’s a requirement for collecting unemployment (remember… my Life Altering Event… I lost my job the beginning of November). Historically, I work during the day and bake at night and on weekends. Now, I spend a lot of time looking for a job and the other times I bounce all around doing various things… many nights I’ve been up until 3am. I sleep in and it all starts over.

As I said, I still have Christmas baking to do. I went to bed “early” last night and woke bright-eyed at 7:00am. I read some email on my iPhone and then decided I needed to get my day going. I crawled out of bed at 7:40am and really haven’t stopped since.

Christmas baking … baking … baking…

YES, I know Christmas is “over”, but I continue to celebrate the season through to the new year and don’t take our decorations down until the Epiphany.

I have several things I make for us only at Christmas – in fact I know some people are waiting for their goodies…

It’s really hard for me, I have several things to get caught up on… baking… sorting… baking… cleaning… baking… sorting… searching for a job that I’m qualified to do…. baking …. thinking about blog posts I need to write… cleaning… sorting… drinking water… getting pictures off my camera…. baking…. stirring… drinking tea… cleaning my desk and office… eating… baking… writing… drinking…

… you get the gist…

Needless-to-say, I’m resisting the urge to bounce all around doing more than one thing at a time… you know… ADD-style… It’s HARD!

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