Time to Vent – Stop the Flipping Insanity!

Time to Vent


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I’m behind in my blog posts for today, but it’s good that I am… I need to seriously vent for a while… feel free to join in.

Sometimes I wake up and literally wishing I was still asleep. When I look at my phone and see that there are a “gazillion” tweets about another shooting my eyes swelled with tears and I prayed that I was actually still asleep.

Alas, I wasn’t today…

Why the frack shoot up an elementary school? WHAT THE HELL DID KINDERGARTENERS DO TO DESERVE TO DIE?!?!?!?! NOTHING!

I sit here in shock, stunned at the senseless act … numb… praying for all those people whose lives have been so tragically changed forever.

Please join in me in saying a prayer for those in Newtown, Connecticut.

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  • Nicole

    I was at a loss! I was in Ft. Worth and they came on the PA system and said a horrible thing happened at a grade school in CT, lets have a moment of silence. After that I jumped on and googled and was in total shock! WTH!!

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