Changes Afoot

There have been many changes recently around our home…

The Offspring is back at college… I miss her! She’s coming home next Tuesday afternoon for a concert, but I’m not going, so I really won’t get to see her much. She goes back to school the next morning in time for her 10am class! YIKES! Talk about a quick trip – less than 24 hours.

Now that all the Christmas decorations are put away, I’ve been busy looking for a job and also took a break to do some rearranging. Needless-to-say both are stressful, but I’m not sure which is more… looking for a job… who am I kidding.

I have found a few positions and even one that is out of the “high tech” arena. I really hope it works out. I don’t want to go into a lot of details right now, but will keep you posted. If you’re a praying person, please pray for me.

As for my rearranging, I now have more room in my home office. 🙂 Still have a lot work to do though, but job hunting is my top priority. 😉

I have a TON of posts floating around in my head and photos loaded on my computer… need time to get them written… 😉

YIKES! I just remembered, I haven’t put away the OUTSIDE Christmas decorations! Now for the rain to stop!!! 😀 AND the temps to go up…

How is your year going so far?