Friday Funny – Eeyore Hat


The Offspring and I were driving through town yesterday and while stopped at a stop light we saw a lady with an interesting hat. I said, “Take a picture!” I reached into my purse and gave her my camera and she quickly snapped a few pictures…. do you realize how hard it is to rush to take a picture while your the lead car at a stop light???? Well, The Offspring was AMAZING!

Here are a couple of the pictures…

First this woman must have a lot of self-confidence… I’d never be able to wear this in public (she was with a guy at the time, too).

Now, I’m a huge Pooh fan… I sure wish it’d been a Pooh hat. Well… maybe not – I may have chased her down to find out where she got it! 😉

Have you seen any funny hats recently?

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