Tuesday Trivia – Octopus Anatomy


The octopus’s body only has one hard part, what is it? I had NO idea!

Answer first in Comments section and then to get answer, hover your mouse/pointer over “Tuesday Trivia” image for the answer. No cheating… OK?

4 comments to Tuesday Trivia – Octopus Anatomy

  • K8

    It’s the beak! You never had to dissect one in bio? ;-) After we diseected mini octopi and squid in our class we made calamari, and wrote letters with the ink. ;-)

    • Stef

      Nope. Never dissected octopi or squid in bio. We did sheep hearts (I grew up in the midwest… too faraway from ocean and in the late 1970s). We didn’t eat the hearts… they’d been soaked in formaldehyde.

  • mama

    gunn’a guess – teeth

  • mama

    beak…teeth – same principal – felines and canines kill with their teeth as fowl do with their beaks

    I’m clamn’ (pun intended) 1/8 correct… (you know EIGHT/ATE for the octopi)

    OK, I’ll get on about my day now…

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